Lonoke county Libraries

Lonoke Meeting and Study Spaces

The Lonoke Public Library has two rooms that may be used by

members of the community for the presentation and exchange of information. The

The library makes these rooms available on equal terms to all persons and groups,

regardless of opinion or affiliation on a first come first serve basis or reservation.


Meeting Room

We have one meeting pod that can fit a capacity

 of 8 persons at once. 

Included is a conference table with 

7 chairs and 2 lounge chairs. 

Access to a TV for presentations is available.


Study Room

Our smaller study room can fit up to 4 persons at once. The rooms can

be used for private meetings, zoom calls, studying etc. 

Included is a small table and 3 chairs along with 2 lounge chairs.


Contact us today at 855-572-6657 ex. 03 to reserve your spot or stop by and get more



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