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Volunteers help our libraries to be the best that they can be! 
To volunteer with us, just download a copy of the application and turn it in at the library site you wish to work for! 


Cabot: 909 W Main St Cabot, AR

Carlisle: 105 E 5th St Carlisle, AR 

England: 100 E Taylor England, AR

Lonoke: 204 E 2nd St Lonoke, AR





Volunteering FAQ

Am I able to fulfill my court-ordered community service hours by volunteering with Lonoke County Libraries?
Unfortunately, you cannot use LCL volunteer hours for court-ordered community service. 

How many hours will I be expected to volunteer?
That's completely up to you and the librarian you work with! As a volunteer, you help us set your schedule! 

What do I do if I can't make my volunteer shift?
Just call or email to let us know! We promise we won't scold you for it, as we completely understand that things can (and do) unexpectedly come up! 

Does it cost money to sign up to volunteer?
Absolutely not!
We're just happy to have you! 


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