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Current Projects

The Lonoke County Library System Foundation is fundraising money in order to renovate a new library for the England community. A building was donated to the Foundation that will be twice the current space of the library and will provide much-needed space for teens, children, and programming.

Be A Part of the New England location - Give Today @ Your Library

To donate to the England building project,

You can mail a check or drop one off at:

England Public Library

100 East Taylor

England, AR 72046


About the Foundation

The Lonoke County Library System Foundation was established to strengthen the Lonoke County Libraries by mobilizing resources to promote excellent facilities, innovative services, and extensive use of these educational, civic, and cultural resources. The Foundation envisions for LCLS a vibrant public library system that features facilities and offers quality services, collections, programs, and technologies that support a culture of lifelong learning and advance a creative economy for all of Lonoke County.

The Foundation shall, in the pursuit of its basic purpose, engage in the following pursuits:

  1. 1. To establish, promote, maintain, endow, and render aid and assistance, financial or otherwise to LCLS.
  2. 2. To encourage individuals and organizations to make financial contributions to support the LCLS.
  3. 3. To help build, remodel, and maintain appropriate facilities for LCLS
  4. 4. To make funds available for library materials, programming, technology, capital projects, and events for LCLS
  5. 5. To establish certain memorials in cooperation with the donors.
  6. 6. To accept gifts of property or material as deemed appropriate by the Foundation Board of Directors.
  7. 7. To maintain funds as needed and established by the LCLS Foundation Board of Directors.

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